Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Music Drop - Metal Edition

New metal edition of the music drop with three music videos for you to check out. As always be sure to let me know what you like and give me your suggestions. Shares are always appreciated.

First up is a the first video from a new band out of Australia called The Last Martyr. The Last Martyr features Monica Strut who long time Beneath The Grid Music fans may recognize from her previous band Vanity Riots. Happy to say I think the new band is pretty amazing and I'll think you'll dig them.
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Next up is a lyric video from the band Fate Destroyed from California. I'm just discovering this band thanks to good old Facebook ads which I will be in turn using to promote this video and article. See, they got our money twice. Anyway, I'm passing on this gem for you all to hear it because it's definitely worth your time.
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I shouldn't have to tell people who the next band is that have been following with me closely over the years. Meka Nism has been making a name for themselves with their unique style and great live shows. If you haven't checked out their video for "Trailblazer" yet then be sure to get on it.
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