Monday, September 18, 2017

Wolfy Burns Delivers With Debut Album

     Wolfy Burns is the new project that arose from the ashes of the band The Watership Sound. Albert Gonzalez and Ryan Mcdonald are the remaining members that have returned to form the new raw, soulful alternative rock experiment Wolfy Burns. If you never had the pleasure of listening to their previous band, be sure to give them a listen. "Solstice" is easily one of my favorite songs from them and still gets plenty of spins on my playlist.

    If you were a fan of Albert Gonzalez's vocals on his previous project, (as you very well should have been), you'll feel right at home here. I've always held Albert's unique vocals in high regard  and this album certainly doesn't change that opinion. When you listen to songs like "Etcetera",(see video below), which is probably my favorite track, you'll understand why I regard him as one of the best in the business.

     The songs always seem to know when to change tempo and keep things interesting. It's always an accomplishment to release an album that contains nine tracks and keep the listener hanging on every note, but that's exactly what this album has managed to do. I think songs like "Undertow" and "The Kick" will become fan favorites, but you really can't go wrong with any of the tracks on this album. Wolfy Burns has crafted a debut album that begs to be listened to. Hopefully the music will spread to reach a much bigger audience. It would be a shame for an album this fantastic to go unheard. Pick it up today.
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