Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kaleido Gives The Music World A Very Good Experience

   Kaleido's new CD, "Experience", is officially out on May 19th and delivers an impressive array of high intensity rock. The thirteen track CD does have a few musical interludes that offer a breather. The CD also provides two ballads for the final acts: "All Together" and the appropriately titled last song "The End".

   Fans have probably heard, (and seen), the video for the singles "Trouble In Paradise" and "Die Tryin'" (featured below). If you were on board with what Kaleido delivered with those singles, I suspect you'll be down for the entire package. Songs like "Blue Collar Delight" and "No More Little Miss Nice Bitch" drive home the band's rock / punk sound and certainly warrant comparisons to the early days of No Doubt, which should be considered a compliment.

    My favorite tracks would probably be "Balcony", which has a very cool melody, and "Die Tryin'", which is just a great high energy get up and go track as you can witness below. "Love & War" also stands out with it's great use of dual vocals. Christina Chriss shares vocal duties on this one with Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm and it definitely adds a lot to the song.

   In closing, I really enjoyed my time with the cd. If you're into the Tragic Kingdom era of No Doubt you'll probably find a lot to like here.  Christina Chriss proves she's a more than capable front woman with enough energy, enthusiasm, and talent to make her own mark in the music world.

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