Monday, May 1, 2017

Halo Circus Delivers A Heart-Felt Triumph With The East Lansing Sessions

    There's a certain connection you can achieve with a song when it's stripped down. There's a certain vulnerability that's present when the lyrics are allowed to shine. Such is the case with the new EP from Halo circus, The East Lansing Sessions.

    Fans will notice that the first three tracks on the EP are songs that appeared on the previously released Bunny album. "Nothing At All", "All I Have", and "Band-Aid" have all been re-made for this EP. Dismissing these songs as re-releases would be a mistake since they feel completely new given the smoky country / folk vibe that is so prevalent on this EP. The fourth track on the EP  is the song "Stand Up", which has been in the band's live show since the beginning and will probably make this package worth the price of admission alone for many fans. The fifth and final song on the EP is a cover of Neil Young's "The Needle And The Damage Done" which is a perfectly fitting song given the emotional weight it conveys.

Photo Credit: Michael Becker
    The new EP from Halo Circus delivers an emotionally charged ride that's powered by Allison Iraheta's undeniable vocal ability. At only five tracks in length this release had me wanting a little bit more by the end of the journey. That was somewhat alleviated by the fact that I couldn't wait to hit the repeat button and start the journey all over again once it was over. Even after twenty-some listens for review this weekend I still have the urge to hit the play button just one more time. If that isn't a testament to the quality of the EP that Halo Circus is about to release, i'm not quite sure what is. This one's a keeper.

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