Thursday, April 27, 2017

Halo Circus Releases Band-Aid Video From Upcoming Album

Halo Circus is set to release their new album in May and they just released the video for "Band-Aid" to give us a taste. For those not familiar with the band, they are fronted by the very talented Allison Iraheta. "Band-Aid" is yet another vehicle for Allison to showcase her vocal abilities, although this time with a softer touch. Once again Allison Iraheta proves she is one of rock's elite. For those unfamiliar with the band I recommend also checking out the video for "Nothing At All".  Plenty more coverage coming of Halo Circus leading up to the new album.

Links:    Halo Circus On Facebook     Halo Circus On Twitter     Pre-order The New Album From The Website

From the press release: Lead singer Allison Iraheta states, “This video was shot entirely in Taft, Calif., one of the 30 cities that brought us to their town last fall on our first-ever fully crowdfunded American tour. We wanted to capture our experience, both visually and emotionally. When we were driving through the country and staying in people’s homes, it was very clear to us that this is not a divided country. What we saw were good people dazed by hard times and towns struggling for the dignity of better days. We have no political agenda or affiliation. Our agenda is love.”

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