Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DYLN - The Rebirth Of One Of Pop Music's Most Underrated Stars

      The first time I ever heard Stef Lang's voice was when I discovered the video for the song "Straitjacket". The song immediately hooked me and I went to listen to the rest of the album from start to finish. The Underdog was the album that made me a fan of the artist that would eventually become known as DYLN in 2017. (Article continues below video.)

    In 2011 I installed software on my computer that enabled me to record the video and audio from Skype conversations for interview purposes. My very first video interview was actually with Stef, which you can watch below: (Article continues below video.)

    In the years that followed the interview I collected whatever signed merchandise and notes I was sent and put them all in a frame that's still hanging on my wall. Stef had the talent, drive, and passion that I knew would propel her to the top.  Through long days and nights of learning in the studio Stef eventually became a one woman army when it came to making her albums, handling every part of the process. Her determination and will to succeed never went unnoticed. One of her publishers, Mike James, sent me a message thanking me for the interview. In a conversation we were having about Stef he said : " Great Talent and hard work always win in the long run - Stef has both".

    While I could spend a few hours talking about the music that followed, I'll give you the short version of why I feel so strongly about this artist and her place in music. Here's a small list of videos that highlight some of the many releases over the years: (The article continues after the videos.)

From 2011, the single "What We Gonna Do" :
From 2012's Fighting Mirrors EP "Paper Doll" : (Also, be sure to check out the Bullet Train video from the same EP.)

2012 also brought us the album Self which had the amazing song "DNA": (Also check out the track "Machine Gun" from this album. One of my favorites.)

2014's Rubix brought us the video for "Indestructible": (My favorite track from the EP was probably "Run Run Run" if you want to check it out.)

2015's Arrows Pt. 1 brought the video for "Burn It To The Ground": ("Validation" is also another amazing track from this EP.)

The last track to be released under the name Stef Lang was the track "Stronger". All proceeds went to benefit mental health charity Dare2Express.

    While this may seem like a long-winded way to announce an artist changing their name and releasing a new video, I thought it was important to show the road she traveled to get here. Stef has always been an artist that strives to learn and improve in every facet of the music making process. Her passion and ability have enabled her to grow musically. The next step in her music career is here, and it resides under the name DYLN. If the new video for "Better Things" is any indication, this artist still has another level of talent to showcase. Be sure to follow DYLN on Facebook and Twitter.

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