Thursday, April 6, 2017

Album Review - Britt Daley - Daydreams & Movie Scenes

     On April 11th Britt Daley will be releasing her new album Daydreams & Movie Scenes to all major digital outlets. The ten track album will appeal to anyone that's a fan of 80's style pop music or pop in general for that matter. For those fans craving some original music peppered nicely with nostalgia, you may have found your next album purchase.

   The biggest compliment that I can pay Britt Daley is the same fact that led me to follow her musical pursuits in the first place. Britt Daley is authentic. Love it or hate it, she embodies everything that was good about classic pop and wraps it into her own brilliant mixture of sound.

    Since the cd is most definitely a downtempo pop lovers dream, you'll feel right at home if you like classic era synth. There are more than a few times that a track will bring back memories of certain artists or songs with similar styles, yet the album always holds on to its own originality. It also wouldn't be a stretch to say that fans of ambient music and ballads of all genres would find material to appreciate on this release.

Some Notable tracks:

 Anything But - The first time I heard this song was on a live performance video done for a radio station. Naturally it sounds a little different given the full production treatment but it still retains the same playful vibe. A good choice for the first song.

 Move Me -The lead single for the album. A passionate slow jam with some great vibes. Well written both lyrically and instrumentally. Couple skate anyone?

Do You Feel It - One of the most upbeat tracks on the album. I'm not entirely sure why I imagine Miami Sound Machine every time I listen to this song, but that's the vibe I take away from it.

Make It Right - Another of my favorite tracks. The lyrics of this slow love jam flow effortlessly. Babies will be made to this song. Guarantee it.

Great Pretenders - This song has a great rhythm to it. A good club feeling song that offers up some variety on the cd.

    From top to bottom this cd offers up a good variety of nostalgic pop with enough modern touches that anyone who likes the genre should be on board. Britt Daley is the real deal. Highly recommended.
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