Halo Circus Releases Band-Aid Video From Upcoming Album

Halo Circus is set to release their new album in May and they just released the video for "Band-Aid" to give us a taste. For those not familiar with the band, they are fronted by the very talented Allison Iraheta. "Band-Aid" is yet another vehicle for Allison to showcase her vocal abilities, although this time with a softer touch. Once again Allison Iraheta proves she is one of rock's elite. For those unfamiliar with the band I recommend also checking out the video for "Nothing At All".  Plenty more coverage coming of Halo Circus leading up to the new album.

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From the press release: Lead singer Allison Iraheta states, “This video was shot entirely in Taft, Calif., one of the 30 cities that brought us to their town last fall on our first-ever fully crowdfunded American tour. We wanted to capture our experience, both visually and emotionally. When we were driving through the country and staying in people’s homes, it was very clear to us that this is not a divided country. What we saw were good people dazed by hard times and towns struggling for the dignity of better days. We have no political agenda or affiliation. Our agenda is love.”

Kalie Wolfe Of RVLS Rocks Out Melanie Martinez's Cry Baby With American Avenue

     Ever wanted to hear Melanie Martinez's hit "Cry Baby" completely rocked out? You're in luck. American Avenue enlisted Kalie Wolfe of the talented rock band RVLS to handle vocal duties on their latest cover. If you haven't had the chance to hear RVLS yet be sure to check out their video for "Haunted/Hunted". They also did their own cover of "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots.  If you like the cover be sure to purchase it off Itunes. 

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Bishop Briggs Brings Her Soulful Vocals Out In Debut EP

    Bishop Briggs has been around the world. She was born in London, raised in Tokyo, and then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18. She began writing songs at the age of 7 and her first performance was at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. Now Bishop Briggs has released her debut EP for the entire world to hear, and what an EP it is.

    If you were a fan before the release you no doubt know the song "River", which picked up a lot of traction after release. The EP also includes her very first single "Wild Horses".

    Bishop Briggs has a sound that is defined by powerful vocals with lots of soul strewn across a backdrop of club music. While the music in the background might not always be complex or without repetition, it creates the atmosphere for Bishop's powerful and sometimes melancholy vocals. The EP does offer up plenty of variety with the moody eeriness  of the song "Dark Side" and the powerful vocal wail on "Dead Man's Arms". Definitely an impressive start for an artist that I hope we hear a lot more from.

Catch up with Bishop Briggs on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to stop by her website to pick up some merch.

The Cranberries Make What Was Old New Again With Something Else

   Nostalgia can be a powerful thing. We tend to remember songs that we loved favorably even when we haven't taken the time to revisit them for years. The Cranberries latest album, Something Else, revisits a great number of hits and contains three new tracks to offer up some fresh material. Don't look at the track listing and think that you're only getting a lazy remaster of previous songs. The Cranberries went to the University of Limerick, which is the home of the Irish Chamber Orchestra, and gave a good deal of their classics new life.

    The classics were re-imagined and re-recorded in acoustic and orchestral arrangements. Songs like "Linger", "Zombie", and "Just My Imagination" feel new again. The new songs consist of "The Glory", which was written in the rehearsal rooms of the University , and two songs that were taken out of the personal stash of Dolores O'Riordan's archives. "Rupture" is a song about depression and "Why?" is a song that was written just after O'Riordan's father passed.

    It's easy for a collection of hit songs to feel like a cheap cash in, however that isn't the case with this
release. The arrangements on these songs make them feel like they've grown up with you. The spirit of these songs is still prevalent, but they feel like they've been allowed to grow. The new songs fit seamlessly into the album and soon begin to feel like equal parts of the puzzle. If you've been a fan of the band since the beginning, this is a necessary addition to your collection. If you're just getting acquainted with the band, this is a great starting point. Highly recommended.

Be sure to pick up the new album when it hits on the 28th. Pre-orders are available from their website. Check out the acoustic version of "Linger" at the bottom of the page.

Official Track listing
01. Linger
02. The Glory
03. Dreams
04. When You’re Gone
05. Zombie
06. Ridiculous Thoughts
07. Rupture
08. Ode To My Family
09. Free To Decide
10. Just My Imagination
11. Animal Instinct
12. You & Me
13. Why?

Hands Off Gretel's Lauren Tate Is A Bad Egg In New Music Video

    Hands Off Gretel has just released the new music video for their song "Bad Egg"  from their album Burn The Beauty Queen. Lauren Tate continues her grunge era delivery in this song, channeling artists like Courtney Love and Brody Dalle. Her guttural screams suggest her vocal chords may have been forged in the ninth circle of hell, and i'm completely fine with that. While "My Size" and "Be Mine" are probably my favorite Gretel songs to date, this is certainly a worthy addition to the already impressive resume from the UK band.
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The Music Drop- Autumn Stay, Lynn, Wildcliffe

Artist: Autumn Stay
Track: Topic Of Your Tongue
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The Rundown: Autumn Stay has always carried a strong rock vibe that favored artists like Flyleaf. With this release they carry a much higher production value than their previous efforts. It's always nice to see a band improving, and this is a step in the right direction. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Artist: Lynn
Track: Rise High
Links: Facebook        Twitter      Website
The Rundown: The first thing that will grab you is the vocals, the second is the variation the song presents in the chorus. Definitely interested in hearing more from Lynn. Check out the video and let me know what  you think.

Artist: Wildcliffe
Track: Put Your Weapons Down
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The Rundown: While it may start off seeming like it's going to be repetitive, the song really opens up halfway through. Some cool instrumentals and vocals round out a track that offers up a lot of promise for future releases.

DYLN - The Rebirth Of One Of Pop Music's Most Underrated Stars

      The first time I ever heard Stef Lang's voice was when I discovered the video for the song "Straitjacket". The song immediately hooked me and I went to listen to the rest of the album from start to finish. The Underdog was the album that made me a fan of the artist that would eventually become known as DYLN in 2017. (Article continues below video.)

    In 2011 I installed software on my computer that enabled me to record the video and audio from Skype conversations for interview purposes. My very first video interview was actually with Stef, which you can watch below: (Article continues below video.)

    In the years that followed the interview I collected whatever signed merchandise and notes I was sent and put them all in a frame that's still hanging on my wall. Stef had the talent, drive, and passion that I knew would propel her to the top.  Through long days and nights of learning in the studio Stef eventually became a one woman army when it came to making her albums, handling every part of the process. Her determination and will to succeed never went unnoticed. One of her publishers, Mike James, sent me a message thanking me for the interview. In a conversation we were having about Stef he said : " Great Talent and hard work always win in the long run - Stef has both".

    While I could spend a few hours talking about the music that followed, I'll give you the short version of why I feel so strongly about this artist and her place in music. Here's a small list of videos that highlight some of the many releases over the years: (The article continues after the videos.)

From 2011, the single "What We Gonna Do" :
From 2012's Fighting Mirrors EP "Paper Doll" : (Also, be sure to check out the Bullet Train video from the same EP.)

2012 also brought us the album Self which had the amazing song "DNA": (Also check out the track "Machine Gun" from this album. One of my favorites.)

2014's Rubix brought us the video for "Indestructible": (My favorite track from the EP was probably "Run Run Run" if you want to check it out.)

2015's Arrows Pt. 1 brought the video for "Burn It To The Ground": ("Validation" is also another amazing track from this EP.)

The last track to be released under the name Stef Lang was the track "Stronger". All proceeds went to benefit mental health charity Dare2Express.

    While this may seem like a long-winded way to announce an artist changing their name and releasing a new video, I thought it was important to show the road she traveled to get here. Stef has always been an artist that strives to learn and improve in every facet of the music making process. Her passion and ability have enabled her to grow musically. The next step in her music career is here, and it resides under the name DYLN. If the new video for "Better Things" is any indication, this artist still has another level of talent to showcase. Be sure to follow DYLN on Facebook and Twitter.

Album Review - Britt Daley - Daydreams & Movie Scenes

     On April 11th Britt Daley will be releasing her new album Daydreams & Movie Scenes to all major digital outlets. The ten track album will appeal to anyone that's a fan of 80's style pop music or pop in general for that matter. For those fans craving some original music peppered nicely with nostalgia, you may have found your next album purchase.

   The biggest compliment that I can pay Britt Daley is the same fact that led me to follow her musical pursuits in the first place. Britt Daley is authentic. Love it or hate it, she embodies everything that was good about classic pop and wraps it into her own brilliant mixture of sound.

    Since the cd is most definitely a downtempo pop lovers dream, you'll feel right at home if you like classic era synth. There are more than a few times that a track will bring back memories of certain artists or songs with similar styles, yet the album always holds on to its own originality. It also wouldn't be a stretch to say that fans of ambient music and ballads of all genres would find material to appreciate on this release.

Some Notable tracks:

 Anything But - The first time I heard this song was on a live performance video done for a radio station. Naturally it sounds a little different given the full production treatment but it still retains the same playful vibe. A good choice for the first song.

 Move Me -The lead single for the album. A passionate slow jam with some great vibes. Well written both lyrically and instrumentally. Couple skate anyone?

Do You Feel It - One of the most upbeat tracks on the album. I'm not entirely sure why I imagine Miami Sound Machine every time I listen to this song, but that's the vibe I take away from it.

Make It Right - Another of my favorite tracks. The lyrics of this slow love jam flow effortlessly. Babies will be made to this song. Guarantee it.

Great Pretenders - This song has a great rhythm to it. A good club feeling song that offers up some variety on the cd.

    From top to bottom this cd offers up a good variety of nostalgic pop with enough modern touches that anyone who likes the genre should be on board. Britt Daley is the real deal. Highly recommended.
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Featured Track - Midnight Riot - Never Coming Down

Emily Kopp has been in the music industry for some time now. She's has a full length and a few EPs to her credit. Be sure to check that material out as well.  Well worth your time. Right now she is working on her side project Midnight Riot. If you dig rock anthems this one will be right up your alley.

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