Friday, February 3, 2017

The Music Drop - Anthems In Ashes, From Inside, Polarity

It's another edition of The Playlist and we have some solid rock selections for you. Sharing is caring, and make sure to go support what you like.

First up is The band Anthems in Ashes from Toronto. Their song "Stealing Names" came out last year and is worth checking out. Catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what they are doing.  They also have a website for you to check out

The next track is from the band From Inside.  The band is from the UK and has a sound that will probably please most fans of hard rock / metal. Take their song "Two Sides of Me" for a spin and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.  Also check out their website to grab some merch.

Next up is Polarity from Canada. I've followed the band for a few years now and even got to interview their singer Jasmine Virginia.  Their latest video for their song "Skeptic" is a full 360 degree video so be sure to use your mouse and look around. You can bother the band over on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a fancy website that you should check out

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