Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Music Drop - Chasing Jonah, Bree and the Whatevers, Scarlet

Welcome to another edition of The Playlist. I've got some folky / soulful  tunes for you today. Hope you enjoy

First up is an artist that I've covered since her first EP. Chasing Jonah is back once again with a new video for the song "Weight". Give it a listen and make sure you check out the back catalog of music as well. You can find Chasing Jonah on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pick up merch on the website.

Next up is a band with a name I can get behind. Bree And The Whatevers is just as original with their sound as they are with the band name. Don't take my word for it though, make sure to give the video for "Homewrecker" a spin for yourself. Catch up with the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Last up is the artist Scarlet. The video for "Infinitely" was just released and it's worth a listen. If you like the song be sure to support the artist by following along on Facebook and Twitter

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