Monday, February 6, 2017

The Best Of BTG - Dear Stalker

I've always had ties to Australia with my music projects. There's a lot of good talent that goes unnoticed there and it really is a shame that some of the bands don't have a bigger spotlight on them. One of the bands that posted on my page in the very beginning was Dear Stalker. It only took one spin of their video for "In a Right Mind" to know that there was something unique and special here. (Article continues below video.)

Their debut EP was released in 2010 and contains five tracks which you can hear below:

   In 2012 Dear Stalker released the video for "Whole Other Kind".  The song and video were a step up from the already high level of quality they had managed with their debut. They released the song on a double single that you can purchase on Bandcamp. (Article continues below video.)

   After being hooked on the bands music for a good bit of time I got the opportunity to do a video Skype interview with the trio which you can watch below:

  The band went through some quiet periods in between touring and writing and I could only hope that the band would continue putting out quality music. In 2015 they came back with Since When Were We Enemies?  , which I believe to be the their best work to date. It also spawned a single which I consider to be their best song to date. "Little People" quickly became my angry work anthem and a song that is always on my playlist. You can listen to the full album below and purchase all of them from their Bandcamp site. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for future releases. If you agree that Dear Stalker is one of the best bands out there, be sure to share and help spread the word. 

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