Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crystal Ignite - Far From Done

Photo by Carl Neumann Photography
     Bellusira was an Australian band that got a loyal following down under before taking the plunge and traveling to the US. They were able to tour extensively in the states and build up a a fan base abroad as well. As is the case with a lot of bands, the internal mechanisms stopped working and people parted ways.  Having tasted a small bit of success and then being plunged back to square one would be enough to turn most people away from music all together. The energetic vocalist of Bellusira, Crystal Ignite, has a much different plan.
Getting to meet Crystal at a show.
As awesome off stage as she is on.


Back in Australia, Crystal has regrouped and
started working on new material. Instead of carrying the old band name with her she is continuing on under her own name. Crystal will still be playing some of the Bellusira catalog, but she intends to have new material that stands on it's own. Having had the privilege of seeing her live once with Bellusira in Orlando, Florida, i'm looking forward to seeing her again when she comes back to the states to finish what she started. Don't ever count Crystal out. This is only the beginning.

Make sure you go to her new page and give it a like. New music happening very soon.

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