Featured Track - Drones - Parasite

The UK band Drones underwent a face lift some time ago when Lois McDougall took over vocal duties. Those of you that have followed BTG on social media for awhile might recognize Lois as the vocalist from the now broken up band Fallow Fields. You can check out their song "Motivation" here.

   While Drones is a much heavier undertaking than her former band, Lois doesn't seem to break much of a sweat fitting into her new role. The track "Parasite" is a nice start and fans of punk rock should have plenty to be excited about with this band going forward. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with new releases. You can support the band by purchasing some cool merch here.

The Music Drop - Chasing Jonah, Bree and the Whatevers, Scarlet

Welcome to another edition of The Playlist. I've got some folky / soulful  tunes for you today. Hope you enjoy

First up is an artist that I've covered since her first EP. Chasing Jonah is back once again with a new video for the song "Weight". Give it a listen and make sure you check out the back catalog of music as well. You can find Chasing Jonah on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pick up merch on the website.

Next up is a band with a name I can get behind. Bree And The Whatevers is just as original with their sound as they are with the band name. Don't take my word for it though, make sure to give the video for "Homewrecker" a spin for yourself. Catch up with the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Last up is the artist Scarlet. The video for "Infinitely" was just released and it's worth a listen. If you like the song be sure to support the artist by following along on Facebook and Twitter

The Music Drop - Sumo Cyco, Edge Of Paradise, and Wildways

Artwork By Francesca Ludikar
ArtHere's a new edition of The Playlist for you to enjoy. Hope you find some new music. Spread it around if you find something you like.

First up is Sumo Cyco from Canada. Been following these peeps for a while now and they have always been an energetic and creative bunch. Their new video for the song "Move mountains" features Benji Webbe from Skindred. I dig it. Give Sumo Cyco a follow over on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to stop by their official website and pick up some merch to support.

Next up is the brand new video from Edge Of Paradise. EOP is a hard rock / heavy metal band from California. Be sure to give the song "Alive" a listen and catch up with the band to see all the shows coming to your area. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter and  you can show your support by buying merch from their website. 

Our final video is "Don't Go" from the group Wildways. The band is based in Moscow and i'm liking what I've heard so far. If you do too, be sure to like the band on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to stop by the website to get your merch. (The wolf shirt is pretty awesome.)

Red Handed Denial Releases Video For Trespasser

    In 2016 Red Handed Denial released their album Wanderer, which in my opinion was one of the best metal albums of the year. The first videos released for the album were for the songs "Collector" and "Manipulator". If you haven't jumped on board the bandwagon yet you can check out the newly released video for their song "Trespasser" below. Be sure to stop by their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with new releases and tour info. Also, be sure to stop by their merch store to get some really cool shirts and cd packages.

Featured Artist - Coldfield

Artist: Coldfield

Genre: Rock / Alternative

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Why You Should Check Them Out: Besides the fact that you've added a band from Africa to your list of known bands, they show a great amount of promise. Having just formed in 2015, this band has lots of room for growth and they're off to a great start. Sharne's vocal delivery will probably keep you coming back to check out what the band has in store for the future.

Links: Facebook

The Best Of BTG - Dear Stalker

I've always had ties to Australia with my music projects. There's a lot of good talent that goes unnoticed there and it really is a shame that some of the bands don't have a bigger spotlight on them. One of the bands that posted on my page in the very beginning was Dear Stalker. It only took one spin of their video for "In a Right Mind" to know that there was something unique and special here. (Article continues below video.)

Their debut EP was released in 2010 and contains five tracks which you can hear below:

   In 2012 Dear Stalker released the video for "Whole Other Kind".  The song and video were a step up from the already high level of quality they had managed with their debut. They released the song on a double single that you can purchase on Bandcamp. (Article continues below video.)

   After being hooked on the bands music for a good bit of time I got the opportunity to do a video Skype interview with the trio which you can watch below:

  The band went through some quiet periods in between touring and writing and I could only hope that the band would continue putting out quality music. In 2015 they came back with Since When Were We Enemies?  , which I believe to be the their best work to date. It also spawned a single which I consider to be their best song to date. "Little People" quickly became my angry work anthem and a song that is always on my playlist. You can listen to the full album below and purchase all of them from their Bandcamp site. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for future releases. If you agree that Dear Stalker is one of the best bands out there, be sure to share and help spread the word. 

The Music Drop - Anthems In Ashes, From Inside, Polarity

It's another edition of The Playlist and we have some solid rock selections for you. Sharing is caring, and make sure to go support what you like.

First up is The band Anthems in Ashes from Toronto. Their song "Stealing Names" came out last year and is worth checking out. Catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what they are doing.  They also have a website for you to check out

The next track is from the band From Inside.  The band is from the UK and has a sound that will probably please most fans of hard rock / metal. Take their song "Two Sides of Me" for a spin and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.  Also check out their website to grab some merch.

Next up is Polarity from Canada. I've followed the band for a few years now and even got to interview their singer Jasmine Virginia.  Their latest video for their song "Skeptic" is a full 360 degree video so be sure to use your mouse and look around. You can bother the band over on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a fancy website that you should check out

Crystal Ignite - Far From Done

Photo by Carl Neumann Photography
     Bellusira was an Australian band that got a loyal following down under before taking the plunge and traveling to the US. They were able to tour extensively in the states and build up a a fan base abroad as well. As is the case with a lot of bands, the internal mechanisms stopped working and people parted ways.  Having tasted a small bit of success and then being plunged back to square one would be enough to turn most people away from music all together. The energetic vocalist of Bellusira, Crystal Ignite, has a much different plan.
Getting to meet Crystal at a show.
As awesome off stage as she is on.


Back in Australia, Crystal has regrouped and
started working on new material. Instead of carrying the old band name with her she is continuing on under her own name. Crystal will still be playing some of the Bellusira catalog, but she intends to have new material that stands on it's own. Having had the privilege of seeing her live once with Bellusira in Orlando, Florida, i'm looking forward to seeing her again when she comes back to the states to finish what she started. Don't ever count Crystal out. This is only the beginning.

Make sure you go to her new page and give it a like. New music happening very soon.

Emily Kopp To Hold Live Show And Q&A

Singer / songwriter Emily Kopp will be having a live concert and Q&A session via Facebook live on February 9th at 7:30 PM EST.  If you'd like to join the event page or invite your friends you can go here to join. 

You can also catch up with all the latest and get ready for the show by liking her Facebook page.

If you aren't familiar with her work I've compiled some of my favorite Emily Kopp videos below. Enjoy, and don't forget to save the date. Free concert right at your computer.

"Chasing Streetlights" from her latest EP Making Sense Of

Live version of "Moon"

"When We Fight" from her album Serendipity Find Me

Live version of "In The Dark" from her EP Making Sense Of

Make sure to set a reminder for February 9th and get your questions ready.