Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top Suggested Picks Of The Week

Every Thursday I call for band submissions on the BTG Facebook page. The following week I will put up some of the best of them as long as we have enough entries. To post your band for next weeks article just click here to head over to today's post. Here are some bands that were posted that I think you should check out:

From Light Rose The Angels:
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Our Future Leaders:

Lucid Fly:
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Along Came Shifty:
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Artist Spotlight - Red Velvet Crush

   Red Velvet Crush is a pop / rock band from Kansas City, MO. Having members that come from different musical backgrounds and influences help define their sound. Vocalist Jillian Riscoe delivers a soulful yet poppy vocal attack over the rock backdrop provided by the instrumentals.

   Their debut release, Smoke and Mirrors, is a four track EP which  was released in 2013.  You can listen to the single, "Monster", via the video below.

   Be sure to catch up with all the latest from Red Velvet Crush on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also check out Jillian's solo work on her Soundcloud page.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Hearts Under Fire Album On The Way

   Hearts Under Fire will be releasing their first full length album this October. The album is called Outlines and will release on the 13th. You can catch their first single, "Knots", on the 18th of September. The trailer for the upcoming video is below.

   You can catch the pre-release review for the album right here. I'll be letting you know what I think of it about two weeks before launch. I've had it on repeat the last few days, but i'm not spilling the beans just yet. Catch up with Hearts Under Fire on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Artist Spotlight - MEG MAC

Megan McInerney is a singer / songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Her musical releases so far consist of a few singles and highlight a myriad of different influences. Her voice is a powerful blend of soul and pop music, making it addictive and completely original. Her three song EP is scheduled to release on September 12. If her initial works are any indication of future efforts, this will be an artist to keep your eye on. Hopefully we will see an American tour in the future to support upcoming releases. I'd certainly be attending the show.

   You can catch three of her videos below. Be sure to connect with MEG MAC on Facebook and Twitter.

   Probably my favorite track so far, "Every Lie" is an intoxicating blend of pop and soul. I can see this one going viral quickly: 

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" is a much slower affair, at times sounding like a one woman church choir bellowing out tunes to the masses both skillfully and gracefully:

"Known Better" has a very classic style to it. The song is composed in a way that fuses the classical elements with modern song composition to form something original and memorable: